It’s a new year. Got goals?

Yes, I know this post is late. I should have posted it January 1st but like a lot of my good intentions procrastination took over. And the day job sucked the life out of me, can’t forget the day job.

I’ve been scarce around these parts (and my other blogs) because last year was a whirl wind. Bad things happened. Good things happened. The best thing happened. Last year I got married. It was a small destination wedding that took a lot of time to plan and research. I wouldn’t change any of it. I had a great day and settling into married life has been fun. Through it all I was writing though.

Another good thing, well, two good things, that happened – I’m in two box sets. What To Read After 50 Shades of Grey (volume 9) includes Laundry Day. And Playing Favorites includes a brand new story that won’t be released on its own until late March.

My goals for this year are simple:

1. Write a lot
2. Release Silk Secrets
3. Eat better
4. Exercise (can’t say more because I don’t do any right now)
5. Spend time with family and friends

That’s it for now. Short and sweet as we start the new year. I’m hoping to release a few more stories besides Silk Secrets this year but I’ll have to see how everything else in my life goes.

What about you? Got goals?

Sweet, sexy dreams.



Today I have Cinsearae S on the blog talking about characters.

Here’s Cinsearae S!

When it comes to writing and worldcrafting, creating the characters is my favorite part. Real people often unknowingly become my victims–ahem—subjects, by having some aspect of themselves become a part of one of my characters. And the more I surround myself with people I know or come into contact with random ones—especially the random ones– the easier it becomes to breathe life into mine. (muah-ha-ha-haaaa!) What better way to compose a person for your book than by taking pieces from real ones? It’s like playing Dr. Frankenstein…in a more harmless (and less gory) way. And the best and easiest ways to experience random people en masse is to attend an event or place that will draw them all together. Carnivals/amusement parks. Car shows. State parks. Restaurants. Concerts. Doing it this way might be a bit of a sensory overload, but I’ll guarantee there will be a few distinct people that will stick out in your mind!


Gathering physical features is the easiest part, of course, but to get to the meat-and-potatoes of your character, you just have to pay a bit more attention than you normally would to the real ones. Don’t make yourself look like a stalker or a perv, but just play the role of the ‘casual observer’ (…and one of the most common things I casually observe much too often (unfortunately!) is people digging waaay up their noses in their cars.).  But anyway…does the person have some sort of unusual idiosyncrasies? Some sort of funny gesture that they do subconsciously? Does the tone of their voice sound annoying, soothing, whiny, arrogant? Do they have a swagger to their step, or have a walk that seems to show a lack of self-confidence? Do they draw attention to themselves by giving off a really irritating laugh that makes you want to crack them upside their head with a brick? (Well, maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.) And jot your notes down. Don’t try to fool yourself by saying “I’ll remember that later”—use that notepad. You’ll thank yourself later. A good writer always keeps the good old standard pen and notebook in their purse or pocket. Electronic toys may be peachy-keen and all that stuff, but heaven forbid if the battery dies. Most of all, have fun with creating your characters! Nobody will know the real truth behind your creations but you…*cue in lightning, thunder, and maniacal, mad scientist laugh*. Good luck!

Me again!

Thanks for being here, Cinsearae S. Check out her website at It’s been a while since I went people watching. I think it’s time for an outing.

Sweet, sexy dreams.


Aargh – Or why you shouldn’t order marketing materials when you’re tired

When this posts hubby and I will be on the road headed for Chicago and Chicon7. It’s my first WorldCon and I’m very excited. So excited that I wanted to bring rack cards and business cards with to give out. I noticed some of the programming leaned towards the paranormal. And I do have a scifi/erotic/thriller idea bubbling.

It was late and time was running out. If I wanted to bring something I had to do it right away. I created the front and back of the rack card in PhotoShop Elements. It looked great. I created a business card that looked awesome. Headed over to my printer of choice and uploaded my projects. Quick once over and I thought they looked good. Keep in mind that by now it is now after midnight. I zip through the order process, pay extra to have it arrive within three business days. And then I wait.

The package arrived Tuesday. When I got home from work I ripped into the box and looked at the business cards first. They look great! Except the font for my address and social media is a little small. Probably still readable but small. Then I looked at the rack card. First impression was loving it. Then I noticed the errors. Gasp! How can I give these out now? Errors on the front, errors on the back copy. Hubby said I should give them out anyway, after all I paid for them.

I decided to turn it into a contest! If you picked up one of my rack cards at Chicon7 and would like to be in a draw to win a copy of my first book (or a future book if the first doesn’t interest you) go to the contact page and let met know what errors you spotted. Your name will go in a draw for a book. I’ll pick 5 winners. If you can also tell me where the QR code brought you do I’ll put your name in the hat twice!

The draw will take place the second week of September and I will notify the winners by email so be sure to include your email address in the message you send to me.

If you didn’t go to Chicon7 but still want in on the contest I’ll be posting the front and back of the rack card on the blog for another contest after I do the draw for this contest!

Sweet, sexy dreams!


Erotic Horror

So I’m taking this fabulous class with JK Coi over on Passionate Ink’s workshop forum. I love horror and I’ve started writing erotica so I thought it would be fun and scary to combine the two. After the first few lessons I realized that one of my horror stories could easily be tweaked to be erotic horror. I’m looking forward to making those tweaks and upping the erotic moments.

If you watch a lot of horror you know that horror and sex go hand in hand. At least in Hollywood movies. When I was younger that’s why my friends watched horror. For the nude shots. There was always a nude shot (or more). Sadly, they were almost always of the blonde big boobed bimbo instead of the hunky guys. When I got older I got annoyed with the nudity because I wanted the story, the horror. I wanted to be scared.

Now, taking this workshop I understand better why the sex and the horror go hand in hand. I’m also excited to work on some of my stories to add more horror. I think I might be able to tweak more than that one story to have erotic elements as well. We’ll see. I’m still working on coming up with an idea for the class that will work because my one idea will work better as a movie. I need to start thinking sexier. And scarier.

I found this list of erotic horror books on Goodreads interesting.

Off to search for sexy, scary inspiration.

Sweet, sexy dreams.


Title needed

I’ve decided to compile three erotica short stories and sell them on Amazon. While I have titles for the individual stories (or at least I will) I’m in desperate need of a title for the collection. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. If I use your title I’ll give you a free copy of the collection for your Kindle when it comes out.

In Satisfaction Guaranteed a wannabe succubus meets her match for her last assignment. The college boyfriend who broke her heart.

In Scale Deep a reporter learns more than she bargained for when discovers dragons are real and they walk among us.

In Untitled Vampire story a woman is reunited with her high school crush at a reunion. Curiously he hasn’t aged a day in 15 years. When the bodies start turning up she finds out why.

I’m horrible at coming up with titles so if you’ve got any suggestions at all please post them in the comments section!


Sweet, sexy dreams.


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