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All links will open in a separate webpage. If you have any you think should be here email me and I’ll add them. If you notice any broken links let me know too so I can remove them from the page. Any category with new content is noted beside the link to that topic. The links from History Link 101 have a compilation of links related to the topic.

Vampire Links

Vampire Info at Wikipedia

Vampire Folklore at Wikipedia

Vampire Vault Vampire Myth and History

Vampires Among Us The History of the Vampire

Dark Side of the Net Tons of Vampire Links

The Skeptic’s Dictionary – Vampire From Abracadabra to Zombies

Vampire  An A to Z Guide, The Vampire Legend, The Fictional Vampire




Wicca and Witchcraft

Wikipedia Wikipedia entry on witchcraft

Witchcraft Witchcraft history

Bibliography for the study of magic witchcraft and religion Huge list of books for the study of not just witchcraft but religion as well

A Treatise of Witchcraft Public domain e-book

Witchcraft at Articles on Witchcraft

Crisis of the Seventeenth Century Notes from historian Trevor Roper

Witches’ Voices Information, articles and networking

World of Wicca Information on witches, wicca and spells, including witchcraft history

The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 An account of events in Salem



Paranormal Phenomena – Including Ghosts

Wikipedia entry on paranormal A good jumping off point for research

Paranormal Explorers A non profit paranormal research group

Paranormal State On A&E

Everything Paranormal A good site with lots of information including info on remote viewing



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