It’s a new year. Got goals?

Yes, I know this post is late. I should have posted it January 1st but like a lot of my good intentions procrastination took over. And the day job sucked the life out of me, can’t forget the day job.

I’ve been scarce around these parts (and my other blogs) because last year was a whirl wind. Bad things happened. Good things happened. The best thing happened. Last year I got married. It was a small destination wedding that took a lot of time to plan and research. I wouldn’t change any of it. I had a great day and settling into married life has been fun. Through it all I was writing though.

Another good thing, well, two good things, that happened – I’m in two box sets. What To Read After 50 Shades of Grey (volume 9) includes Laundry Day. And Playing Favorites includes a brand new story that won’t be released on its own until late March.

My goals for this year are simple:

1. Write a lot
2. Release Silk Secrets
3. Eat better
4. Exercise (can’t say more because I don’t do any right now)
5. Spend time with family and friends

That’s it for now. Short and sweet as we start the new year. I’m hoping to release a few more stories besides Silk Secrets this year but I’ll have to see how everything else in my life goes.

What about you? Got goals?

Sweet, sexy dreams.


Would you give into temptation?

Temptations are all around us. I’m tempted to eat the chocolate bar in our candy drawer. I’m tempted to sleep in during the week. I’m tempted to tell some people what I really think of them. 🙂 But I don’t give into any of those temptations. Why? Because in most cases there are consequences. Consequences I’m not willing to suffer for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

When I was in my twenties and single I ran into temptation when I went out with my friends. Bars are great places to unwind, dance, have a few drinks. Not so great for meeting your soul mate. I’m not saying it isn’t possible to meet your soul mate at a bar. I know people who have. It’s just not the best place. Back then I romanticized everything but I was also realistic. I was tempted to give into the guys who just wanted in my pants but I didn’t give in. The consequences weren’t worth the pleasure.

When is it good to give into temptation? When the consequences are something you can handle. If I eat that chocolate bar I can mitigate the consequences by spending more time in the pool. When I can afford it, I always give into the temptation to buy a book. Yes, this post is about my latest release – Tempted to Sin 🙂 The temptation is subtle in each of the stories but the characters do have to make a choice. To give into what they want or not. And to accept the consequences.

On sale for 99 cents for a limited time! The price is going up to full price after Easter.

Tempted to Sin 300x500


Would you be tempted?

Each of the stories includes some sort of temptation. Sometimes giving into temptation is a bad idea. But sometimes it’s a great idea.

In Satisfaction Guaranteed a wannabe succubus meets her match for her last assignment: The college boyfriend who broke her heart.

In Scale Deep a reporter learns more than she bargained for when she discovers that dragons are real… and they walk among us.

In School Bites a woman bumps into her high school crush at a reunion. Curiously he hasn’t aged a day in 15 years. When the bodies start turning up she finds out why.

Available on Amazon | Kobo | Barnes and Noble | Apple





Sweet, sexy dreams!



Author Elodie Parks and her characters pay a visit

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I’ve got a sexy post from Elodie Parks. Her characters can get pretty hot.

Here’s Elodie, Cathy and Owen!

Hi Keira,

It’s great to be here, thank you for inviting me to come along today with my new release erotic romance, ‘The Old Star’.

Just a little about me to let your readers know who I am.

I live in the United Kingdom and I work in an antiques shop as well as writing. I have two dogs that keep me fit with their need for walks. Love the countryside and the coast.

I write romance, contemporary, and erotic with a twist of mystery, suspense, or the paranormal, now and then. I like to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale. My books are always steamy.

About the book,

The Old Star, an August 23 release from Hot Ink Press, and author Elodie Parkes


She was looking for new office space…but it found her…what’s hidden in this spooky place?

When Cathy Faraday goes out from her office to buy morning tea, a set of circumstances send her on a different route from the one she would normally take. Waiting on a street unknown to her is a house. Old and left to fade away the house looks shabby against its neighbours. The whole row of houses are now offices and Cathy sees a ‘for let sign’ outside the place. Something draws her to the house. Someone watches from the third floor window.

Cathy applies to rent the building to expand her dating agency business. As she begins to make it ready, the house reveals its secrets.

Erotic romance, with a twist of paranormal, set in contemporary England this story will haunt you.

Graphic sex/love scenes. 18+ only.



I’ve brought along my hero and heroine from the book today so sparks might fly a little

Meet Cathy Faraday and Owen Sheringham

Cathy would you like to tell the readers about how you and Owen met?


Actually no because I think that would be a spoiler, don’t you Owen?


I agree, let’s tell the readers about the first time we made love instead.


Okay…well, I was very attracted to Owen right away. He’s my ideal, and I’d always knew I would need a man who made my heart pound the minute I saw him. It was love at first sight for me and I know what you’re thinking…that doesn’t exist…although I don’t think Owen fell for me right away did you?


I might have, but not known it. I was in a dark place when you came along.


We fell into each other’s arms quickly though. I just let myself take what you offered.


I noticed that, as you dug your fingertips into my waist and moaned. (smiles)


I seem to remember you moaning too.


You’re so very sexy darlin’ (Owen puts his arm around her shoulders and Cathy kisses his ear. Now he’s holding her head with a handful of her hair and…now they are kissing…)

Author: We are in public you two. How about telling the story? Sorry Keira…

(They stop kissing, but remain cuddled against each other. Owen is stroking Cathy’s neck. I’m ignoring it.)


Well we actually had sex when there were cleaners in the rest of the house. It’s a long story, but a locksmith was about to arrive to. It was just impossible to resist being with Owen. It was delicious. (sighs and kisses Owen on the jaw)

Author: Owen tell us something about Cathy, how would you describe her in a few words?

Owen: Cathy is strong, sexy, intelligent, pretty. She has her own business. She’s friendly too, helps people. She’s mine, which I’m so thankful for. I can’t imagine living without her now.

Cathy: That’s a lovely thing to say, I feel the same about you…(is trailing her fingertips around on his chest muscles, good thing he’s wearing a shirt. I’ll ask another question)

Cathy describe Owen in a few words.

Owen: He’s loving, he’s sexy, and surprising too. He’s creative and generous. He can still be a bad boy though…he swears…I’m used to it and sometimes it’s sexy…


Let’s just give the readers an excerpt to read and that way I can take you home to bed.

Author: I think that might be a good idea. Thanks for coming along to Keira’s blog today…mmm maybe I should have said visiting the blog since you two can hardly keep your hands off each other.

Cathy: Thank you for inviting us Keira. I do hope your readers enjoy the excerpt and the book when it’s available August 23.

Here’s the excerpt 18+ R


He kissed down her neck again and slowly moved his hands up into her T-shirt. He found her bra and unclipped it as she sighed, and kissed his ear and jaw. He cupped her breasts and sighed too. She felt so good, her skin so soft, her nipples hard against his palms. He went back to kiss her mouth, and as she opened it to touch his lips with her tongue, he groaned a little enjoying the kiss. His cock hardened and his hands left her breasts to open her jeans. She kissed him and unzipped his jeans as he unzipped hers.

She had her hands in his shorts and her fingertips were cool on his cock. He wanted to thrust so badly, but he wanted his fingers against her clit. He wanted to slip a finger into her pussy and feel the moistness, have her thrust on his hand and so he whispered. “Help me. Pull your jeans down…open your legs a little. I want my fingers in you, Cathy.” She pulled her jeans to mid-thigh and took her panties with them. She put her hands up around his face and kissed him, her tongue in his mouth as he fingered her. She was gasping and so was he. Their kisses interspersed with it.

“You feel so good…” He murmured.

She made a little sound and answered him. “It feels great, it’s delicious. Owen there are people in the house. What if they come in search of me?”

Owen felt his cock straining against his clothes.

He nibbled her lips. “I need you badly.” He was circling her clit with his thumb and working his fingers in her. She began to thrust on his fingers and held his waist hard. It made him smile against her lips as her fingers pressed hard into the sides of his body. Suddenly she was groaning softly, her mouth by the side of his. Her hips thrust and he realized she was coming. Knowing this made him harder and he groaned as she finished. He held her for a few moments waiting to judge if he should pull her down onto the floor and fuck her. His thought sent spikes of desire into his cock and up between his legs.

Cathy took his fingers gently from her body. She kissed his lips and then she pulled his jeans and shorts down to his knees. He helped her thinking she would back him against the window and straddle him, but she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming and he moaned as he held her head, his hands bunched in her hair. He thrust his hips towards her mouth as she sucked him and her fingers curled around his thighs. She ran her fingers over his buttocks and then between his thighs as she sucked. Owen felt his orgasm build. It started between his legs and then spread to his sac, his cock, his legs. It overtook him in a huge wave of delicious feeling that had him breathless as he it went on and on when Cathy stroked his thighs.

They both became still at the same time and then Cathy was taking his cock from her mouth. She started to stand and he helped her. He looked at her lovingly as they both pulled their clothing back into place. He wanted to cuddle her to his body, stroke her disheveled hair back behind her ears. Kiss her ears. He moved to her as she zipped up her jeans and felt behind her back to clip her bra. He held her face. “That was so good Cathy, and so helped me. I was miserable for a while, and you’ve made me happy. It’s made me happy meeting you. I want you to know…” ‘What do I want her to know? That softness fills my heart when I see her. That I actually find her lovely, sexy…that I want to fuck her…’

“You’re special to me,” he finished.

Cathy was looking at him and in her eyes he read affection, attraction.

“I have to go. I’d rather stay and snuggle up to you. Find out more about you, because you’re special to me too, but the locksmith will be here again. The cleaners are down there.”

He nodded. He knew the truth of her words.


Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013


TheOldStarcoverREALsmllerI’m running a celebration prize draw because I am so excited about this book.

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WinterGirlC1RGB98smallromRLily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.

Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business and on the lookout for his ‘Winter Girl’….

Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?

Fun, sex, romance and a little twist of the paranormal, makes this a must read erotic romance.

Third prize, WIN the kindle copy gifted from Amazon of ‘The Last Time’

TLAsmallRRSteamy, erotic romance with a twist of mystery. Actor Seth Carbery swears he will never fall in love again, that is until he meets private detective Bethany Snow.

Something strange is going on. Seth and other members of the movie cast and crew are receiving threatening letters, but no threat has ever been carried out… yet. Bethany Snow is sent on location by the Black Agency to investigate, and guard Seth Carbery against danger.

The case is not what it first seems and even when Bethany thinks it could be over, a new twist means she becomes a target.

Seth and Bethany find they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Who is sending the letters and why? Does Seth have a secret admirer or stalker?

With steamy romance, graphic love scenes, and a quirky story of what people do for love this erotic romance is for adults only.


ALL prizes are international. Please enter via the rafflecopter and leave the address your prize would be gifted to if you win one of the three prizes. Choose any of the entry requirements not all.

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 Find Elodie online:!elodie-parkes/cio5


Find Elodie’s books:

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Keira here again!

The Old Star sounds like a great story. I really like Cathy and Owen.

Sweet, sexy dreams.



Sexually Repressed My Bustle

Welcome back to my blog. Today I have Sarah Cass talking about the misconception of repression during the Victorian era.

Here’s Sarah!

I’d like you to meet Jane Doe.

She’s the heroine of my historical western romance series – The Dominion Falls Series (Changing Tracks-book 1, Derailed-book 2, Dark Territory- book 3).

At first glance, she’s a right-proper woman. “Properly” repressed. Dresses like a schoolmarm with her high collars, layers of petticoats, corsets and such.

But Jane is sort of the epitome of the great lie of the Victorian era.

She is proud of her sexuality (and a bit of an exhibitionist). It causes great scandal and rumors in the town, but she has no qualms about her very hot relationship with the owner of the local saloon/brothel.

At the same time, she goes to church on Sunday, performs charitable acts across the board, and is well liked by most of the town.  She doesn’t let herself be ostracized by it, because she accepts what she is.

There’s a great rumor that people have tried to call me out on, that the Victorian era is ripe with sexual repression. That my ‘proper’ woman wouldn’t be so open about what she’s doing.  That the brothel would be frowned on far more than it is, especially by Jane – who is, by all accounts, a strong and intelligent woman. Why would she take up with a man that ‘owns’ women?

First off, the Victorians might have liked and appreciated that we think they were so repressed.  Holy cow, they weren’t.  It’s all about keeping up appearances, but porn was rampant back then.  With the invention of the camera especially.

Did you know that back then men were expected to “ease” themselves?  It was rather expected of them because men’s needs were supposedly greater than women (pffft, whatever, right?).  Brothels were a staple, especially in mining towns like Dominion Falls.

Does Jane like that there are whores?  Well, no…but she also is smart enough to know that they are a fact of life in the town.  She might rather her man didn’t ‘own’ the contracts of so many women, and she might, over time, work him over – but she can barely admit they have a relationship, why on earth would she demand he change his business?

Also – some of the literature.  Jane is a huge fan of Whitman, Leaves of Grass is always on her bedside table. If you have a chance, read “I sing the body electric” and tell me Victorian era people were repressed.

Do you like your Western women, or Victorian era women proper? Or do you like them a little naughty like Jane?


Derailed (Dominion Falls Book 2)


The sins of a past she can’t remember could destroy a present she’ll never forget.

The crimes of her forgotten past threaten the very life Jane Doe has learned to cherish.

Jane is out of time. With a warrant on her head, a maniac out for her blood, and a secret baby on the way, something has to give.

Without Cole Mitchell’s help to find the answers, there may be no hope left.

Cole has nowhere left to hide. He unwittingly let Jane into his heart, and is ready to share the secret of his dark past.

Fate has a way of playing its hand, and tragedy strikes. With the world crumbling around them, it’s easy to lose faith. If they can’t forgive past sins, they have no hope for the future.

Because the noose waits for no man or woman. 

Buy Links:

Secret Cravings Website –

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble –

All Romance Ebooks –

Bookstrand –

Goodreads –



Sarah Cass’s world is regularly turned upside down by her three special-needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers, dabbling in horror, straight fiction, and urban fantasy. An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible and though she may emerge scarred, she’s also stronger. While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpses into her life and art.

Where to find me:

Redefining Perfect –

Sarah’s StoryLines –

Twitter –

Facebook –




DerailedCover_MEDShe slowed in the middle of the street and turned to face him. Every pain surged to the front again, beating on her good intentions. She snapped, “Yes?”

“Thought you might be tryin’ to get my attention.”

“It seems I have.”


Every inch of her was shivering, but she held out her shaky hand toward him. When his hand closed over hers, her whole body stilled. Closing her eyes, she sighed and reveled in the contact. “I was wrong. About so many things.”

He yanked her close, chucking a finger under her chin to make her open her eyes again. A leer curled up his lips. “I ain’t gonna—”

The last thing she was going to do was let him bark at her, deserved or not. She grabbed his shirt and closed the distance. Her lips caressed his until he started to respond, and then she shoved him away. Already aching from the loss of contact, she stepped back.

“What the hell?”

A smirk tugged at her lips, and she took a few more steps backward. Frustration, confusion, maybe even a hint of relief. That’s what she’d hoped to see, and he hadn’t disappointed. The rest would have to wait for quiet. Would he follow?

The sound of a step after her confirmed that he would, so she turned. Her hands were still shaking, but she managed to unlock the door and step inside. Fighting the nervous flutter of her stomach, she grabbed some books to shelve.

She had so much to say, and she had no idea how he’d react. He might just walk away again. If that was the case, she’d have to accept it. She couldn’t keep putting herself through this. It was just as likely he didn’t feel the same.

One footstep. Two. The door clicked shut. Silence.

The book she held trembled as she shoved it into place. She couldn’t let him speak first. She had to get this out. “I thought it had to be without attachment. I thought I was honest with myself. With you. But it was all such a lie.”

“What was a lie?”

“All of it. I fooled myself into thinking that I could do things how I thought you wanted. But I couldn’t. I was happy. With you. It wasn’t just having you in my bed…it was all of it.”

Her eyes closed, and she pressed her forehead into the shelf in front of her. “I was happy when I realized I was carrying your child. Maybe it was stupid to feel that way, but I was. But I couldn’t show you. I couldn’t show you that you—you were the only one that made me feel.” A hollow laugh escaped. “The one man that made me feel everything and I could show you nothing.”

A tear slipped down her cheek at the lack of response, and she pulled back from the shelf. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, she finally let herself turn toward him, trying to prepare herself for anything. “Are you going to say anything?”

“Crazy bitch.”


Right up until that very moment she’d had hope. Hope that Cole would feel the same. That she wouldn’t have to live with the gaping wound.

Crazy bitch. The words rolled through her head over and over. That was it. It was all gone. Her knees trembled, threatening to give out. She turned and gripped the bookshelf, struggling to find her voice.

She croaked like a frog, her throat was so thick with emotion. “Oh. I see. That answers my question.” She pushed off the shelf, but didn’t make it a step.

His hand clamped on her shoulder, and he turned her toward him. He tugged her close and assaulted her lips.

She gripped his coat and pulled him close. A soft whimper of relief escaped her mouth as it opened under his unrelenting demands.



Fear, desire, longing, missing, searching.

Oh, how she’d missed his touch. Every muscle turned to jelly, quivering under his strong hands. He cupped her buttocks and started to lift, and she gasped.

Keira here again!

Thanks for being here, Sarah. I don’t think they were as repressed as people thought they were either.

Sweet, sexy dreams.



Why Alexandra writes erotic romance

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Today I have Alexandra Anthony talking about why she writes erotic romance with a blurb for her book.

Here’s Alexandra!

When I first decided to write professionally, I knew two things: I wanted to write an erotic romance and I wanted to write about vampires.  So why not combine the two?  To me, vampires exude raw sexuality and without the burden of writing those fade to black sex scenes, I had a lot of freedom with my writing.

I currently write two paranormal erotic romance series: The Vampire Destiny Series and The Dark Hart Chronicles.  When I had the ‘a-ha’ moment for my idea for Tempted, I thought it would be so much fun to combine the world of rock ‘n’ roll AND sexy vampires.  And since my vampires are day walkers, I don’t have that pesky problem of my vamps dying for the day (which gives me a lot more time for my characters to get frisky).

Erotic romance books are not for everyone.  But for me, I can’t imagine writing anything else!

Book Blurb:

546170_310961182338675_1891104345_nWhen personal assistant Savannah Wood lands a dream job with up and coming rock star Nick Hart, it seems too good to be true. He’s devastatingly handsome, reserved and charming…but he has a secret he’s determined to keep.

Their attraction to one another is immediate and Savannah is determined to keep a professional relationship between them. She’s been burned before and has no desire to reopen old wounds.

The lines between professional and personal begin to blur when Savannah finds out Nick’s secret: he’s a century old vampire with a painful past. He’s also hesitant to open himself up to her, yet they find their temptation to one another is stronger than either can resist.

The paparazzi, a string of murders and cryptic, ominous letters threaten their budding relationship. Will their attraction and love be enough to keep them together…or will it tear them apart?

*This is an erotic, romantic book. It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren’t for the faint of heart or those 18 and under.  Consider yourself warned.*

About Alexandra Anthony:  

Alexandra Anthony is an independent author of two romantic, erotic book series: The Vampire Destiny Series and The Dark Hart Chronicles.  Both series feature sexy vampires to die for, steamy scenes and twists and turns in her character’s many adventures.  Her books are not for the faint of heart.

She was most recently featured in USA Today in an article by Joyce Lamb titled, “It’s time to put some Paranormal Activity into your Reading” and was listed under Self-Published/Indie Authors for her most recent release, ‘Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4)’.

Facebook Author Page:
Facebook Book Page:

Keira here again!

Thanks so much for being here Alexandra.  The book sounds interesting. Must check it out.

Sweet sexy dreams.



Late 19th Century pregnancy corsets

Welcome to a new feature on my blog! Guest bloggers! Today I have Seven McBay talking about corsets. But not any corsets. Pregnancy corsets.

Here’s Seven!

First, I’d like to thank Keira Kohl for letting me visit with her and her readers on her blog. Great fun to be here! And now, without further ado:

Late-19th-Century Pregnancy Corsets

If there is one thing that men found sexy in the late 1800s, it was the female hourglass figure. By mid-century, gone were the Edwardian gowns that cinched in under the breasts and fell to the floor like shapeless nightgowns (think Jane Austen). By mid-century on, women strove to show their curves and to create them where they had none. Women’s fashion played around with corsets and bustles each decade, always trying to achieve that perfectly alluring figure. (Even the Edwardian women wore corsets, but they were designed to make the woman into a column from under the breasts straight down.)

By the 1860s, there were crinolines and hoopskirt cages along with the mandatory wasp-waist corset. By the 1880s, the hoopskirt gave way to a bustle, which still gave everything below the waist a generous roundness, especially the derriere. Yet despite the changes in dress shape that went on below the waist, the corset didn’t change much from 1776 to 1876.

Flaring hips, wasp-like waist, and thrusting breasts—the corset’s effectiveness rivaled that of any modern girdle and push-up bra. Not only did it make women look great in their clothes, the corset looked pretty darn sexy after the man removed all the other layers (sometimes up to 13 lbs. of layers). He could feast his eyes on his woman in nothing but pantaloons or drawers, stockings, and a corset. That usually led to amorous congress (that’s sexual relations to you and me).

At that point, the woman might find herself in a certain condition, enceinte, or with child. What to do about keeping that lovely figure? Naturally, women turned to the pregnancy corset. This wasn’t designed to offer support though they needed it. Their stomachs had been trussed from an early age in whale bone stays and leather (among other corset constructions), so their abdominal muscles were rather . . . well, non-existent. Stick a baby in there and that stomach was going to sag all over the place, and rather quickly.

Enter the pregnancy corset which, though it offered much-needed support, was mainly used to create the illusion of not being pregnant for as long as possible. In some cases, probably too long. It seemed to push the baby as low as possible to go into the section of the skirt that would be fullest, and, of course, it squeezed the infant into the smallest space imaginable. Poor mother, poor baby. But, hey, as long as the woman looked good!

Next week, the joys of chastity belts. Just kidding! But as for me, I’m happy to put on a corset for visual purposes only and I’ll keep doing crunches for the abdominals when the corset comes off.

Bio: Seven McBay

I’ve been writing for many years and have recently turned my attention to historical erotica. I need to use that B.A. in history and M.A. in English lit. for something, right? And who doesn’t want to write (or read) about a sexy lord unlacing his lady-love’s corset by candlelight before he . . . well, engages in amorous congress with her? I know I do.

The clothes were more beautiful, definitely sexier, and a lot more difficult to remove in the nineteenth century. What a fertile field for a writer of erotica. I also write historical romance under a different pen name. Shh! That’s a secret.

As for my own slightly unusual name, I was born on a lucky day, that’s all!


Seven McBay

My website, Eromantica is at

Recently released:

One Lord to Go, Book 2 of The Erotic Lords series

 Short Historic Erotic Novella (approx. 14,000 words)

Lord James St. John has tired of London life, including its whores, until he picks up an unexpected female on the way to his country estate.

Stranded on the side of the road, Clarissa Belmont doesn’t expect her rescuer to be a powerful nobleman, one who asks her to marry him before he’ll give her a little sexual relief.

Just when he thinks he has her right where he wants her, in his bed, she disappears. Was she after his money or his body, or both? Will he bother to get her back or leave her to another’s devious plans?

Available for purchase:

At Smashwords, at
At Amazon,


Keira here again!

Thanks for being here, Seven. Very interesting information. I would like that hour glass figure again. Getting a corset would be a lot easier for me than going on a diet.

Sweet, sexy dreams.




Amber Kallyn’s Birthday Bash!

Welcome to the blog today! We’re celebrating Amber Kallyn’s birthday with a bash and a blog hop!

Welcome to Amber Kallyn’s Birthday Bash. We’ve got some great giveaways for you to win! It’s the season for giving and this is a way for us to give you something for the holidays!


I love the holidays, but not necessarily having my birthday fall smack dab in the middle of them, LOL. But this year, I’d like to do something special for my readers. Over 25 authors and bloggers have come together to celebrate my 24th birthday (I won’t mention how many years I’ve turned 24 again 😉 Keira here. I haven’t stopped counting yet but maybe when I get to 50. 🙂


We have some wonderful prizes, and all you have to do is leave a comment at the participating blogs to win. Easy.


And don’t forget, Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire, Book 1) is currently free right now for an early present : )


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A $40 Gift card to either Amazon or B&N


Plus, there will be giveaways at some of the other blogs : )

How to win

The contest is open from Dec 19th to Saturday the 22nd. Hop to all the blogs. The winner will be chosen from the commenters on all participating blogs. Leave a comment at each blog for additional entries to win. That simple : ) Winner will be drawn on Sunday the 23rd.

Enjoy meeting new authors and book bloggers, and good luck on winning the Birthday Bash Prizes.


Cynthia Arsuaga

Keira Kohl

Kenra Daniels

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In search of a bed

It’s Six Sentence Sunday again and I’m changing genres! This is six sentences from my erotic horror short story, Reflections. A group of friends on a mission to cheer up one of the friends who just got dumped.



     “Let’s just find a place to ask.  This is the third one that’s been closed and the town isn’t that big,” Lena said.

        Travis leaned against his car and pulled Lena close, grabbing her ass.  “Fine.  The sooner we find a place with a bed the better.”

        Lena shoved his hand away.


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Wicked after dark – winner

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my Wicked After Dark Blog Hop. With NaNoWriMo and then getting sick it took longer than I’d hoped for the announcement. picked Dawna Newman as the winner of the Amazon eGift card! Congratulations, Dawna!

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Dance with Brynna

Happy Hallowe’en sexy people! Please welcome Brynna Curry to the blog today! She’s talking about dance. Such a sexy activity.

Here’s Brynna!

“Dance with me”

Three little words. Simple words really, both a demand and request. Alone they shouldn’t evoke provocative images. We all dance. (Some of us not so well. *raises hand*) What’s the big deal right? It’s just a dance. Or is it?

In a romance, dance has the power to tell more than words. Dancing can be a sensual war, a duel. Does the heroine move seamlessly with his rhythm or fight to keep her own ground. Cling or pull away? Barriers of propriety are often dropped as well. The hero may deny his attraction to the heroine. Perhaps he even has a ‘hands off’ policy where she is concerned, but let them dance and see what happens. *winks*

There is a reason why movies like Dirty Dancing are classic. (Love the last dance scene. *sigh*) And then there are the songs. Toby Keith’s “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” is one that comes to mind. Historical romances are filled with fancy ballrooms and parties. So what are your favorite sweet or sexy dance scenes from novels? Anyone who leaves a comment with an email address will be entered to win a copy of Fire’s Ice.

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About Brynna: Paranormal romance and romantic suspense author Brynna Curry is a lifelong believer in the importance of reading. She enjoys the writing process, helping others hone their craft by lending her time to review books, critique manuscripts and serving as a contest judge. She loves hearing from her readers.

When she isn’t writing, she’s often found haunting the library for new books to read, at the park with her children, or just spending an quiet evening at home with her husband Jackie watching old westerns on TV. She makes her home in North Alabama where the history is rich with music and culture, forests and lakes are abundant and beautiful, and every day is another adventure.


Visit her at


Twitter: @BrynnaCurry!/brynnacurry

Blurb Fire’s Ice:

Series: Elemental Magic Book 5

Born the son of a Scottish laird a thousand years ago, but now trapped by his cousin’s spell, Devin McLoch has seen countless battles and death. The erstwhile thief has turned away from darker pursuits to lead a life of peace, protecting those he loves and considers part of his clan. However, there is one woman he can never forget, who must be given a chance to change, to accept her heart and his.

Arianne Farrell is just as dangerous and intoxicating as her power. Imprisoned in an ancient stone dance more than a thousand years ago, her only chance at freedom from the spell is through love–a love she denied. When Devin asks for her aid to save another from imminent death, she realizes there is more at stake than just her freedom or her heart.

WARNING: Two stubborn sexy wizards using magic with no bounds, scorching love scenes, and happy ever after. Ever play with fire?

Link to sample on publisher’s site –

Excerpt – (Steamy)

© 2012 Brynna Curry

     “Dance with me? I’ve been dying to get my hands on you all evening.” It had been so much worse to wait, imagining her under him in the dark and knowing where his hands could take her. He snapped his fingers and disembodied soul music floated around them. “A little Earth, Wind and Fire seems appropriate.” Devin stood and pulled her up out of her chair and into his arms. Ari pressed against him, slid her hands up to his shoulders. His went around her waist and held her close.

     “I would love to. I’ve wanted your hands on me all evening.” Her pretty mouth curved into a smile and she tossed her long hair back.

     He shifted his feet, leading her into the dance, giving her no choice but to follow him. On a downbeat, he captured her hand and spun her away, only to bring her twirling back into his arms. He heard her breath catch as he caught her against his chest.

     Hearts afire, love desire,” Devin sang along softly with the music as her feet followed his, hips shifted under his hands. Her fingers combed through his hair now as they moved slowly across the great hall. Ari’s heels clicked across the slate with every step. Her thin silk dress left nothing to the imagination, not that he needed to imagine what she looked like, felt like.

     Devin let the rhythm of the music seduce them. His body ached with need. Here. Now. It screamed. He could turn her against the wall, take her until they were both drowning in passion. And he knew that’s exactly what she wanted. Ari wanted a raging fire that would burn itself out in time. He had shown her the heat, that wild, lightning fast ride of desire, but there was more, so much more. He intended to give her everything possible.

     “This is nice.” She sighed and laid her head on his shoulder.

     “More than nice. We move well together.”

     Her eyes twinkled. “Oh, yes.”

     Tilting up her chin so he could look into her eyes, Devin took her lips in a gentle kiss that held the promise of heat. The low, sweet notes of the song ended. And still they danced.

     Leaning close to her ear, he whispered, “Ari?”

     “Yes, Devin.” He watched as she sent the candle flames into the hearth, leaving them in the dim firelight.

“Close your eyes.” Lifting her in his arms, he found his center of power and focused on the place he wanted to take her. The dark swirled around them as he bent space and flashed them to his bedroom on the second floor.

Keira here!

Oh very steamy, Brynna! Love it. I love your take on dance here. I use dance in my current WIP. I will pay more attention to that scene now when I revise it.

Sweet, sexy dreams!


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