Six more sentences – Will he say yes?

I remembered Six Sentence Sunday early this week! Below I’ve got six more sentences from Silk Secrets (Spirit Chasers Book 1). Cass has set her sites on neighbour Mitch to help her out.

     “How would you like to be in my fashion show?”

     All thoughts of having Cassidy writhing beneath him in pleasure vanished.  “You want me to be in your fashion show?  Wearing what exactly?”

     “Boxers mostly. Maybe some briefs.”

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A match-making ghost can be wicked

Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop! It’s going to be a great hop with lots of wicked posts to read. Mine is about a match-making ghost who died while very horny.  Stick around and comment because I’m doing a giveaway!  Draw for the giveaway will happen when the hop ends – November 1.

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My current story was inspired by a bar and a ghost.  Spirit Chasers, the bar in my story Silk Secrets, was inspired by the bar my friends and I frequented in our late twenties. You know that feeling when you go somewhere where everyone knows you? Where you’re like family not customer? Where you always feel welcome? This bar was that place. The bar was O’Toole’s and it’s no longer around. But I based Spirit Chasers after that bar. My heroine’s best friend owns Spirit Chasers. It’s going to tie all the stories in the series together. All the stories start there and end there.

But the story wouldn’t be complete without my match-making ghost. The ghost in the story is loosely based on the ghost we had when I was growing up. I lived with her for 17 years. We knew it was a her because we heard her speak. She had conversations with my best friend. My friend thought she was talking to me but I was upstairs. She talked to my boyfriend when he picked up the phone to call his mother. I had just had my wisdom teeth out so I was in no shape to talk. I have no idea why he thought it was me at first. He finally realized it wasn’t me and he ran up the stairs and swore never to go in our basement alone again. 🙂

The ghost in my book is a little older than the age I think our ghost was. And she was killed with her boyfriend, while they were in their sexual prime. In their prime and very horny. Since they’re trapped at the bar they do their best to get everyone else together. Sometimes the couples don’t fight it. After all it’s a bar, there’s dancing, there’s drinking and they’re already horny. Sometimes the couples fight the match-making as if their lives depended on it.

About Silk Secrets (Spirit Chasers: Book One): To save her business a commitment-phobic shop owner talks her commitment-hungry neighbour into modelling men’s underwear and a no strings attached affair, but a match-making ghost has other plans for them.

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In search of a hunk

It’s Six Sentence Sunday and I actually remembered! Today I’ve got six sentences from a WIP, Silk Secrets.

To save her business a commitment-phobic owner talks her commitment-hungry neighbour into modeling men’s underwear and a no strings attached affair, but a match making ghost has other plans for them.

These are the first six sentences (for now) from the book.

     Cassidy James needed to find a man who would look hot walking around a stage half naked. The last thing she needed was a kleptomaniac ghost stealing her friend’s sweaters and taking her away from her hunk search. She shifted her cell phone with a sigh.
     “But Ethan, it’s just a local fashion show. Please.”
     Cassidy slammed her car door and almost dropped her phone.

As always, I’d love to know what you think.

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Today I have Cinsearae S on the blog talking about characters.

Here’s Cinsearae S!

When it comes to writing and worldcrafting, creating the characters is my favorite part. Real people often unknowingly become my victims–ahem—subjects, by having some aspect of themselves become a part of one of my characters. And the more I surround myself with people I know or come into contact with random ones—especially the random ones– the easier it becomes to breathe life into mine. (muah-ha-ha-haaaa!) What better way to compose a person for your book than by taking pieces from real ones? It’s like playing Dr. Frankenstein…in a more harmless (and less gory) way. And the best and easiest ways to experience random people en masse is to attend an event or place that will draw them all together. Carnivals/amusement parks. Car shows. State parks. Restaurants. Concerts. Doing it this way might be a bit of a sensory overload, but I’ll guarantee there will be a few distinct people that will stick out in your mind!


Gathering physical features is the easiest part, of course, but to get to the meat-and-potatoes of your character, you just have to pay a bit more attention than you normally would to the real ones. Don’t make yourself look like a stalker or a perv, but just play the role of the ‘casual observer’ (…and one of the most common things I casually observe much too often (unfortunately!) is people digging waaay up their noses in their cars.).  But anyway…does the person have some sort of unusual idiosyncrasies? Some sort of funny gesture that they do subconsciously? Does the tone of their voice sound annoying, soothing, whiny, arrogant? Do they have a swagger to their step, or have a walk that seems to show a lack of self-confidence? Do they draw attention to themselves by giving off a really irritating laugh that makes you want to crack them upside their head with a brick? (Well, maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.) And jot your notes down. Don’t try to fool yourself by saying “I’ll remember that later”—use that notepad. You’ll thank yourself later. A good writer always keeps the good old standard pen and notebook in their purse or pocket. Electronic toys may be peachy-keen and all that stuff, but heaven forbid if the battery dies. Most of all, have fun with creating your characters! Nobody will know the real truth behind your creations but you…*cue in lightning, thunder, and maniacal, mad scientist laugh*. Good luck!

Me again!

Thanks for being here, Cinsearae S. Check out her website at It’s been a while since I went people watching. I think it’s time for an outing.

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Real life events in stories?

Today I’ve got Amber on the blog talking about what all writers get asked at some point in their lives.

Take it away, Amber!

I’m often asked if I use any real life events in my writing. The answer: sometimes.

I’ve been writing for almost twenty years and of course something from life has to creep into my writing. Back when I started writing everything from my life or the lives of family and friends went into stories. I wrote for Modern Romance and True Confessions, they wanted real life. Now don’t get me wrong I know not everything is “real”. After ten years of writing for them, I’d ran out of true stories and began making them up.

Once I wrote a story about a woman who was in love with a drug addict. She wanted out of the relationship, but he was so controlling he’d rather kill her than let her leave. He handcuffed her to a radiator and started a chair on fire. My editors loved this story. Sadly, it was a true story that happened to a very good friend of mine. With her permission I wrote and published the story.

Not all true events will pass. Years ago I read a “too crazy to be true” article about a woman who grew tired of her husband’s nagging and shot him. The bullet lodged in his false teeth and he lived. I wrote a short story about it and my editor said, “This isn’t true. No one will believe this.” LOL Really?

When I published my first erotica book, Unwrapped (formerly Mistletoe Studs), I made the mistake of giving my heroine’s best friend the same name as a good friend. It really wasn’t supposed to stay Lisa. It was more of a place holder, but somehow I went through edits and forgot to change it. What a mistake that was.

After Lisa read the story she whined and asked why her character didn’t get to have sex.

Hmmm, it wasn’t about her!

This taught me a valuable lesson – leave out friends names and stop using real life events. Besides, when you escape into a book you want a fantasy, right?


About Amber:

From a very young age, Amber began making up stories – the only child syndrome. She grew up reading sick and twisted murder mysteries. Romance was for little kids and their fairy tales. One day her grandmother died and she inherited a boat load of romances and she found a new genre to love. Then she discovered erotic romance and found her calling.

When not creating sexy, seductive stories Amber can be found at the ocean or floating around in her pool, with music blasting in the background. Her love of music inspires many of her stories.


Keira here!

How about it people? Would you want to be in someone’s book? When I was looking for character names for an erotica short story I posted a request on Facebook and people volunteered to be in the story. 🙂

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And the vampire brought room service

I remembered to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday! Here’s another six from School Bites, the last story in my Tempting Evil short story collection.

The after glow of sex is dimmed by the arrival of a serial killer.

     If Evan was right and the killer was a vampire could she come into her hotel room without being invited? They hadn’t gotten around to discussing all the logistics of dealing with vampires. It didn’t matter because she knew what she had to do.
     “Come in,” she said and moved aside to allow Tracey into the room.
     Still going with the room service cover, Tracey pushed the trolley into the room and parked it in front of the window at the same time Evan emerged from the bathroom. Tracey suddenly stood behind Callie, teeth ready to plunge into Callie’s neck.

As always, I’d love to know what you think.

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Ivy Bateman and why she’s attracted to a nice set of fangs.

I’ve got Ivy Bateman on the blog today! Loved her post about vampires. I think you’ll like it too.

Here’s Ivy!

Hello everyone!

Recently, my second release with Breathless Press was thrust upon the cyber world. It’s a paranormal erotic eBook called The Fifth Story. In the book, Bryn, my heroine, is lured into the world of her own stories by Darkness. He gives her a mission, or rather, forces her to take on a mission, and one of the worlds she has to enter is that of the deliciously evil Darius. He’s a vampire—or more precisely a space vampire. It may sound crazy, but I swear, in the context of the story, it works.

The other day, when I was trying to come up with a topic for this guest post, my husband suggested writing about vampires and their allure and that I could talk about why I am attracted to them. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but then as now, I’m honestly not sure why I find them so sexy. I HATE the sight of blood. When I watch CSI, the pillow sees the show more than I do. And Vampires, they’re all about the blood. They hunt it, they drink it, and they really like to watch it flow down your body. However, maybe that’s part of their allure, how much they love what they do. It’s not a hobby, it’s a need and they are really passionate about blood collection. In a world so full of chaos and sadness, it’s a welcome thing to find yourself with a job you enjoy.

Ok, so vampires are passionate, that is attractive and I’m a sucker for some neck action so that probably is also part of the allure. The thought of hot, sharp fangs being slowly dragged my neck…yip, that’s a pleasant thought… Plus, in most stories, the vampires are usually very attractive: muscled bodies, sculpted features, eyes that can see through time and most often, very good in bed. This all helps to add to their attraction.

Now my husband believes that the reason many people find vampires incredibly attractive is their aura of mystery. “The ladies, they love a mysterious man.” he says. And I have to agree with him. As much as I say that I prefer guys to just be open and themselves from the get go, the dark, brooding loner, the “oh wow—I’d really like to peel back to layers on that guy” kind of guy is usually the type I’ve most been attracted to in my life up to and INCLUDING my husband. A mysterious guy is a challenge, a mysterious guy opens up to very few people and the thought of being that one person who could crack that shell can be very a lot of fun and fuel the fire.

So, to wrap it up, why do I like vampires? They’re passionate, they’re hot and they’re mysterious. Darius, my evil space vampire, now that I think of it, IS all of these things and I didn’t even do it on purpose. I guess I knew how I felt about vampires and what attracts me to them all along.

Thanks very much to Keira for having me on today!

Ivy Bateman

Blurb for The Fifth Story By Ivy Bateman

Every day we encounter doors. Some of these doors are open to us and some of them are closed, but when we pass through any door, a different truth or mystery lies beyond the threshold.

The night Bryn is pulled into a world of her own stories by a shadowy being, her reality is changed forever. Souls and danger, hauntingly beautiful witches, sexy and dangerous vampires, a soldier with a dying wish; she knows that each door leads to a story and to outcomes she can’t control, but in order to return home, Bryn must complete a set of tasks for the enigmatic and strangely sensual Darkness.

With four stories to enter, four items to retrieve, Bryn takes part in plot points so out of character that she almost loses herself in the tales she’s written. More than once she questions her sanity and curses herself for creating such perilous realities, but she always remains focused on her goal; the creation of the fifth story.



Me again!

Thanks so much for being here with my today, Ivy! Great post. I have a fascination with vampires and I have no idea why they’re sexy to me. They just are. 🙂

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The Fifth Story By Ivy Bateman Book Trailer

The Fifth Story is available at Breathless Press

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Six Sentence Sunday – a vampire with tells?

It’s time for another installment of Six Sentence Sunday! These six continue after Callie’s discovery of Evan’s secret.


     Would the undead betray the truth physiologically like a warm blooded person? Somehow she doubted it. But she knew Evan, at least she had known him, had known all of his tells. Surely those hadn’t changed over the years.
     “Callie, I would never hurt you. I want to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow, but I would never hurt you.”

Thanks for stopping by! As always I’d love to hear what you think.

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Another Six – School Bites – again

I curse my social life sometimes. I missed signing up for Six Sunday last week by ONE minute. By the time I went to the page it was after midnight and the list was closed. 🙁 But I’m back today and have six more sentences that continue almost right after last week’s six. You can read those here first if you want.

This is continuing the scene with Callie and Evan.



     “Don’t be afraid,” Evan said.
     Before she could blink he was in front of her, a few inches from her, invading her personal space. Personal space she gladly wanted him to invade just two minutes earlier. “Really? That’s the first thing you say when I figure out what you are? What the fuck is going on?”

I’d love to know what you think!

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Aargh – Or why you shouldn’t order marketing materials when you’re tired

When this posts hubby and I will be on the road headed for Chicago and Chicon7. It’s my first WorldCon and I’m very excited. So excited that I wanted to bring rack cards and business cards with to give out. I noticed some of the programming leaned towards the paranormal. And I do have a scifi/erotic/thriller idea bubbling.

It was late and time was running out. If I wanted to bring something I had to do it right away. I created the front and back of the rack card in PhotoShop Elements. It looked great. I created a business card that looked awesome. Headed over to my printer of choice and uploaded my projects. Quick once over and I thought they looked good. Keep in mind that by now it is now after midnight. I zip through the order process, pay extra to have it arrive within three business days. And then I wait.

The package arrived Tuesday. When I got home from work I ripped into the box and looked at the business cards first. They look great! Except the font for my address and social media is a little small. Probably still readable but small. Then I looked at the rack card. First impression was loving it. Then I noticed the errors. Gasp! How can I give these out now? Errors on the front, errors on the back copy. Hubby said I should give them out anyway, after all I paid for them.

I decided to turn it into a contest! If you picked up one of my rack cards at Chicon7 and would like to be in a draw to win a copy of my first book (or a future book if the first doesn’t interest you) go to the contact page and let met know what errors you spotted. Your name will go in a draw for a book. I’ll pick 5 winners. If you can also tell me where the QR code brought you do I’ll put your name in the hat twice!

The draw will take place the second week of September and I will notify the winners by email so be sure to include your email address in the message you send to me.

If you didn’t go to Chicon7 but still want in on the contest I’ll be posting the front and back of the rack card on the blog for another contest after I do the draw for this contest!

Sweet, sexy dreams!


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