Laundry Day can be fun? Yes, when you bring on the heat!

I’ve missed giving excerpts of my stories so I’m jumping into Weekend Writing Warriors today with an excerpt from my story Laundry Day. Carmela runs an apartment complex for swingers. Her key party of choice is actually a laundry day party – clothing prohibited.


     If he didn’t apply would she actually pick someone this time? Saving herself for someone who might not be interested in her seemed more ridiculous with each month his key didn’t appear in the bowl.

     She leaned back on the bed and studied the pile of keys. They fell in such a way that she could only see the first two for sure. The ones underneath would remain a mystery until she spread them out. Every month her hopes crashed when his key didn’t show up. Every month she worked herself up into such a sexual state she finished the laundry in record time then spent the rest of the day fantasizing about him while pleasuring herself.

     She grabbed the grocery list she had on the night stand and added batteries to the bottom.

Laundry Day is available on Amazon but you can get it and nine other stories for $0.99 (until Valentine’s Day) in Bring On the Heat! Check it out an Amazon –

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Sweet, sexy dreams!



Do you swing?

Swing GirlThis past weekend my fiancé’s friend posed the question – would we be interested in swinging. If you don’t know what it is swinging in a nutshell is partner swapping. Partner sharing. I’m no prude. I write erotica and though the idea of swinging intrigues me I’m not sure I would want to partake.

If I were to agree the guy would have to be uber sexy. But even then would I want to mess up the great relationship my fiancé and I have just for one night (or more) of pleasure?

I can talk a good game when it comes to jealousy. And for the most part I’m not a jealous person. I’m confident. I know my fiancé loves me. But in the back of my mind I’d be wondering if he was thinking of being with her. If we swapped. If I knew 100% that it wouldn’t come back to bite us in the ass would I consider it? Hell yes. It’s fun to shake things up in the bedroom. But with swapping you’re dealing with people and with people come emotions. What if she gets too attached to my fiancé? What if he gets jealous if I talk about his friend? It’s best not to stir up that pot and stick to toys and handcuffs. At least there’s no chance of an emotional attachment there.

Although threesomes have always made me curious too…

Hmm. Maybe I can turn this into a story. Maybe a series of stories. I’d need to do lots of research (not hands on) to get a feel for the lifestyle. It could be interesting and arousing.

Great, another project I won’t be able to work on until my alter ego gets her ass in gear and gets a book out. 🙂

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Sweet, sexy dreams.



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